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Watercolour 3“Homeward Bound: Watercolours N°3”

2nd Place, international competition “Scapes”

ArtSlant 3rd Showcase Winner, 2014


Hope Faith Charity“Hope”, “Faith”, “Charity”

Special Recognition Award
Upstream People Gallery, 16th Annual Judeo-Christian Juried Online International Exhibit

Adrienne Egger has received three Special Recognition Awards

This international exhibition received approximately 150 art entries from around the world and 28 artists were selected by the juror Laurence Bradshaw, Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, U. S. A.

Professor Bradshaw states this about this specially recognized work: "'Adrienne Egger of Adnet, Austria is a master painter, indeed. Her works  use children to depict the virtues as captured in "Charity, The Divine Virtues". The two little girls in their delicate pink dresses framed inside an automobile is nicely and carefully painted. The cute little girl in pink and blue reaching up on her toes, with even dirt on her feet, is precious as she reaches up knowing on the door. This piece "Faith, The Divine Virtues" is another successful work. And perhaps one of the strongest works, in terms of tonal dynamics, is "Hope, The Divine Virtues" where the beautiful child in a white dress, looks through the doors into a lighted room."

Laurence Bradshaw, Curator, Professor of Art


Special Recognition Award
Light Space & Time Online Gallery, 2011

This award was given to 65 artists selected from 572 entries from 21 different countries. The competition had an open theme and included a broad selection of media, including watercolors, oils, acrylics, collage, digital art, photography, mixed media, ink, charcoal and pencils.


hope small“Hope”

Semi-finalist, New York Art Marathon, 2011

Selected among the top 50 from over 400 international entries. This competition was open theme, open media.