adrienne eggerAdrienne Egger was born in Colorado, raised between Portland, Oregon and Kansas City and studied in Boston and Salzburg, Austria, where she has been living with her husband and 2 children since.



A self-taught painter, Adrienne remains curious. She tests and expands her limits as an artist while remaining true to a few rules imparted to her by her also very creative mother: use primary colors, because there is no such thing as black in nature (to this day, she uses a limited palette to achieve rich and subtle color variations) and watch if you want to learn.

Adrienne watches: she is inspired by the perfectly incidental beauty of nature and how even light and sky change with the seasons. Adrienne selects images that celebrate color, magnify nuances of a shape and form and challenge perceptions of the seemingly banal.

She monitors the pulse of time. She is fascinated by cultural subtleties, the contrasts and likenesses of cultural groups and eras. Transcendental to language is the international fashion of aesthetics that exudes playfulness into contemporary art. It is the tight rope between pop culture and nostalgia, timeless craftsmanship and modern technology that inspires and challenges Adrienne’s creative eye.

Adrienne’s faith is the firm foundation of her life.  The images she shares are poetry and inspiration for the soul and, at times, a critical look at what we chase on our quest for fulfillment. There is a perfect moment of anticipation when an empty canvas is up on the easel, awaiting transformation.  There are so many paintings, series and projects in her mind yet to be painted.  It is easy at times to become impatient and yet to be able to stand before the easel, brushes in hand, is precious and evokes repeatedly one overwhelming emotion:  gratitude.